We provide a full range of fast and accurate customs law services for export and import customs processes. Our experienced and qualified professionals are at your disposal throughout the entire administration process.

Documents, documentation, and administration

We prepare customs documents for import, export and NCTS. As a customs consultant, we assist in applying and auditing permits.

Prior verification

We prepare the arrival and departure of shipments and indicate which documents and permits are required for fast and efficient customs clearance.

Authorized consignee/sender

The arrival/departure of customs goods without the involvement of NAV, which speeds up the administrative process.

Indirect customs representation

After pre-qualification. With our AEO-F license, the importer is exempt from paying VAT.

Customs brokerage services

Import, export, transit administration and the possibility of using a public customs warehouse. Contribution to subsequent modification.

Customs advice

Our customs consultants are at your disposal for any customs law issues and provide professional assistance.

Simplified customs clearance

Thanks to our AEO-F certification, we also perform simplified customs clearance, which speeds up the customs clearance process. Our AEO-F license guarantees a high level of compliance and accuracy in all customs processes we perform.


Preparation of Intrastat reports based on complex logistics services.

Extra services: public customs warehouse and temporary storage warehouse:

You can store your stocks imported from abroad under controlled conditions in our public customs warehouse, thus saving significant costs. Customs goods stored in a public customs warehouse are exempt from payment of customs duties and taxes and from trade policy measures (procurement of various permits) during storage. Thus, they only have to be paid if the goods are sold commercially. Based on the article number register, we provide an opportunity to partially release the goods into free circulation.

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