We adapt our value-adding extra services flexibly to industry-specific and unique needs. In addition to our basic services, we also perform a number of extra tasks, with which we help and support the smooth production and business processes of our clients even more effectively.

Outsource the following tasks to us and save time, energy and money!


Printing and applying labels to products, and we also undertake the replacement of clothing labels.


Repackaging products based on predefined specifications.

Add user manual/instruction manual and warranty card

Upon request, we will print the above documents and add them to the product.

Quality control, sorting

Sorting based on a pre-agreed catalog of errors.


Re-programming, software updating and modification with the help of our highly trained professionals.

Extended production line

Ready-made assembly of products or assembly of semi-finished parts.

Kitting and sequencing

Based on customer requirements, we make the products in packages "kits". During sequencing, we arrange the units within the kits in the requested order as well.


The individual products and devices are disassembled, their reusable parts are accounted for, and the rest are scrapped in accordance with the regulations and destroyed.

Return handling

Sorting based on the error catalog, then storing it in the warehouse and reporting it to the client

Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)

We track stocks and send notifications if a product requires refilling.

Separation of own and consignment kit

We store our own and consignment stocks well separately, and the pick-up and delivery times can be easily tracked based on the reports we send.

Packaging management

We purchase, store and clean the necessary rolls, as well as deliver them just-in-time to the production line.

Call center

If required, we operate a call center for our clients in several languages.

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